Transformers Animated Action Figure Deluxe Class Wave 3: Jazz

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Scale: 6 Inch
Format: Action Figure
Packaging: Blister Card
Manufacturer: Hasbro

Description: AUTOBOT JAZZ® has studied Earth culture since he first became aware of it. He loves everything about it – the music, the movies, the vehicles, and – of course – the style. He’s usually a pretty chill guy, being a cyber-ninja and all, but he can barely contain his excitement at finally getting to check out Earth and give his new vehicle mode a spin. His excitement won’t make him forget his duty, however. He is a master of hand-to-hand combat, with the fastest fists on CYBERTRON. Join this mighty AUTOBOT ally in pursuit of the AllSpark! In sleek sports car vehicle mode, this fearless AUTOBOT JAZZ figure is ready for battle. When it’s time to call in the toughest of troops, convert the vehicle to robot mode – the vehicle’s exhaust pipes convert to double-energy chucks in robot mode! We receive both US and Canadian Cases. You will get either English, bilingual or trilingual carded figures based on availability. Please understand this before ordering.