Pre-Order, Pricing and Limits

NEW Pre-Order / Back-Order Payment policy

Payment in full is taken at the time of purchase. We currently only have an authorization window of 7 days to charge an order. If the pre-order/back-order arrives 7 days after your order is placed then we will not be able to charge your credit card which is why we have to charge you in full for any pre-orders or back-orders.

What is a Pre-Order? It is an item that has not been released yet. We allow you to reserve this item and we will ship once released by the manufacturer.

What is a Back-Order? It is an already released item that has been sold out but we have been able to reorder it again. Back-ordering allows you to get this item as soon as it has comes back in stock.


We Strongly suggest that you do not combine pre-orders/back-orders with in-stock items on the same order form if you wish to receive your items as soon as they are made available.

Similarly do not combine pre-orders with pre-orders if the arrival dates or series are not alike.

We say this because shipping and handling is calculated for all the items on an order to be shipped out at the same time, meaning your order will only ship out once the last items on pre-order/back-order comes into stock.


We do not guarantee any release dates on our website. All pre-order dates are given to us by the manufacturer or supplier and are subject to change without warning or notice. Please do not ask us when a pre-order will be available as most of the time we do not know, we simply put the date that is given to us and hope for the best.

If you do combine pre-orders/back-orders with in-stock items or pre-orders with different release dates, we will try and reserve the items that are available now and try to hold it for you until your entire order is able to be fulfilled however there is no guarantee that by the time the last items comes in that the other items in your order will still be available. We will try our best.

If release dates on an order are too far apart (by more than 2 months) then we will automatically make adjustments to your order and remove the pre-order that is too far away.

Cancellation of Pre-Orders and Pre-orders mixed with In-stock items.

When you place your pre-order, we commit to getting those items for you from the manufacturer. When an order is cancelled by a customer, we cannot cancel the order from the manufacturer.

Similarly when you combine pre-orders with in-stock items we are reserving the in-stock item for you and thus lose the ability to sell that item to anybody else if you decide to cancel it from your mixed order.

There is, for that reason, a 15% re-stocking fee on all cancelled pre-orders and reserved in-stock items placed. We encourage you to order your items in advance to help secure your item when it arrives in stock, but we ask that you be completely sure that you want the item before placing the order.

Quantity Limit reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased by an individual, household or within a given order, at our discretion. Additionally, we reserve the right to apply these restrictions to orders placed by the same credit credit card or billed to the same residential or commercial address. Should we choose to enforce these limits on an existing order, the customer(s) will be informed of the decision before processing.

Pricing will always endeavor to provide accurate product and pricing information, but despite these efforts, typographical and clerical errors may occur. can therefore not confirm the price of an item until after the order has been placed. In the event of an error or incorrect product or price listing, reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for the erroneous item. Should this occur, the customer(s) will be informed of the mistake and the measures taken before the order is processed.

We do not price match and prices are subject to change at anytime without notice. If you find an item we sell cheaper somewhere else we will not match the price. All prices shown directly on our website are non negotiable.