Transformers Action Figures Classic Deluxe Class: Bumblebee

Transformers,Deluxe Class,Transformers Universe,Hasbro

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Scale: 6 Inch
Format: Action Figure
Packaging: Blister Card
Manufacturer: Hasbro

Description: Small compared to most other TRANSFORMERS, BUMBLEBEE more than makes up for through his incredible bravery and willingness to go places larger robots won�t. Capable of aerial and underwater missions, he is more versatile than many other AUTOBOTS. His eagerness to do his part leads him to above and beyond the call of duty, often placing him in grave danger. It is a testament to his skill that he has never been captured. Awesome robot-to-cruiser vehicle figure features a WAVE CRUSHER watercraft and trailer that convert to a jet pack! We receive both US and Canadian Cases. You will get either English, bilingual or trilingual carded figures based on availability. Please understand this before ordering.