Marvel Legends 6 Inch Action Figure Series 7 - Apocalypse

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Scale: 6 Inch
Format: Action Figures
Packaging: Clamshell
Manufacturer: Toy Biz

Apocalypse is one of the most terrifying and powerful supervillains ever created and he surely deserves a place among the Marvel Legends. The self-proclaimed 'oldest mutant' and with the Four Horsemen in his wake believes in the extremes of social Darwinism: only the fittest may survive and he is judge of who the fittest are. A supremely evil being, Apocalpyse posesses the powers of molecular manipulation, superhuman strength, telepathy, telekinesis and a terrifying host of other. This 6-inch rendering of the monster details the power of his being perfectly and is a fine addition to any pantheon of villains.

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