Halo 1 Action Figures Series 2: Ghost With Vehicle (Non Mint Packaging)

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SKU: 036881754879

Scale: 3 inch
Format: Action Figures and Vehicle
Packaging: blister card
Manufacturer: Joyride
The Ghost is a fast and versatile light attack vehicle, used for scouting and close infantry support. Its anti-grav engines allow it to hover as much as two meters above the ground and skim swiftly over any flat terrain. Broken or hilly ground can present more of a problem, and can cause the Ghost to bounce or flip in the hands of an unskilled driver. The distinctive whine produced by these engines is well-known - and feared - by veterans of the Human-Covenant War. The Ghost's pair of forward-mounted cannons have a vertical traverse of 60� and can deliver a hail of plasma fire on airborne or ground targets. On the battlefield, Ghosts are used like the cavalry of ancient armies, to flank and charge enemy formations, and mercilessly run down exposed combatants.
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