DOOM w/Rocket Launcher 6" Action Figure FANTASTIC FOUR MOVIE Asst. 3 Toy Biz

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Mr Fantastic, The Thing, The Invisible Woman and The Human Torch star in the new movie The Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four are Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), his best friend Ben Grimm (The Thing), his wife Sue Richards (The Invisible Woman) and her brother Johnny Storm (The Human Torch). They were caught up in a storm of �cosmic rays� while on a space flight in Reed�s experimental shuttle, and emerged with super-powers. Now Reed can turn into elastic, Grimm is a man apparently made of boulders, Sue can make herself invisible and Johnny Storm can light up like, well, a torch, and fly. The four do more adventuring and exploring than planet-saving, but have some fabulous technology and swanky offices at the Baxter Building in New York.