THE JOKER Series 1 Original Series Action Figure Yamato

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THE JOKER Series 1 Original Series Action Figure Yamato The self-proclaimed Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker, is Batman's arch-nemesis, a twisted psychopath with a taste for sick humour that matches his lust for violence. His skin bleached in a chemical accident, the career criminal named Jack (his surname left to debate) descended from cruel gangsterism to a kind of madness the likes of which even Gotham City has never known. Through the years he has committed everything from bank robberies to kidnappings to mass murders and with a vow never to murder and so never become like his quarry, Batman deals with the Joker by sending him to Arkham Asylum again and again. Of course, as all of the Rogues Gallery is wont to do, The Joker invariably escapes to wreak havoc on the city once more. Together with his obsessively devoted 'hench-wench' Harley Quinn, he seems an unstoppable and inhuman force against all that represents order and justice.