CHAR'S GELGOOG Gundam Mobile Suit Action Figure Bandai Toy


SKU: 045557115418

4.5 inch American action figure toy....these are NOT model kits. These are Action Figures that come completely built (as picture/pic/photo above) Each mobile suit comes with its own unique weapons. Rip open the package and start playing. Made by Bandai USA. The first anime cartoon series that offered great art and an intricate story line imported from Japan is now in stores. Collect from all four Gundam Series. Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam, G Gundam and Gundam Seed. Recreate scenes from tv/movie/dvd episodes. Literally thousands of various collectible merchandise/products available (DVD movie, soundtrack, video game for X-Box, PS2/Sony Playstation, Nintendo, Gamecube and GameBoy, poster, toys, figures, and more).