Star Wars Clone Wars Battle Packs 3.75 Inch Action Figure Blue Card Line (2010 Wave 1) - Clone Troopers & Droids

Name: Droids and Clones #2
Category: Star Wars Clone Wars Battle Packs
Series: (2010 Wave 1)
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Type: Action Figure
Size: 3.75 Inch
Packaging: Window Box

Description: Clones and droids battle each other during the Clone Wars. Each army � human and mechanical � builds its arsenal of skills and weapons throughout the conflict as new challenges arise. The clone troopers of the elite 327th Star Corps, under Commander Bly, clash with their robotic enemies throughout the entire span of the war. The troopers devise new combat strategies as the Separatists develop more powerful droids.Clone Troopers: Clone troopers apply all their military training, warrior skills and weaponry to battle the endless army of �clankers� during the Clone Wars.Retail Droid: The technical name for retail droids is LF-57 combat droids. Used by the Separatists, they check for enemy activity � sounds, movement or anything that seems suspicious.Super Battle Droid: These heavy infantry droids are powerfully built, heavily armed and very strong. Some versions are specially equipped with flight packs for aerial combat.Bring the battles �to life� with this awesome action figure four-pack! Start the showdown between your articulated Clone Trooper figures and the Retail Droid as your heroes try to destroy the droid figure with their blaster accessories. Then, send your Super Battle Droid figure in to tip the scales and give the good guys an even tougher fight. These four make for exciting characters even when they�re just standing at attention in your collection.Clone Troopers figures with blaster accessories, Retail Droid figure and Super Battle Droid figure come with 4 Galactic Battle Game cards, 4 battle bases and 1 game die.