JOHN SHAFT Figure Movie Maniacs Series 3 McFarlane Toys MM3 (Sub-Standard Packaging)

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Big, Bad, Bald baddass melonfarmer of a figure, just ready to whip your ass. The bad boy from the hood is back for more action in 2000. Samuel L. Jackson stars in this summer's smash hit film, Shaft. Reliving some magic moments from the original series from the 70's, Shaft is ready to rumble. Now part of the Movie Maniacs, Shaft features a very intricate design with weapon accessories. Shaft stands 7" tall with 8 points of articulation and comes with removable sunglasses, pistol and movie poster display. This Series has been discontinued and is difficult to find. We only have a few in stock...and the packaging may have slight shelf wear. Figures inside are perfect and come sealed in their packaging