OPTIMUS PRIME BLACK GUN 20th Anniversary w/Autobot Matrix 12 Inch Transformer Action Figure by Hasbro (SUB-STANDARD PACKAGING)

Transformers,Transformers Masterpiece,Hasbro

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TRANSFORMERS 20TH ANNIVERSARY OPTIMUS PRIME BLACK GUN ACTION FIGURE " Freedom is the right of all sentient beings�" That quote is what makes Optimus Prime the most fearless and revered of all Autobot leaders throughout time. Based on the original Optimus Prime from the 1984 comic book and television show, this is the Optimus Prime that has everything: die cast parts, Data Com interface screens, Energon axe, Ion Blaster, Megatron in pistol form with detachable silencer and stock - just like the original G1 Megatron - rubber tires, spring-loaded suspension, and a windshield that opens to reveal a light up Matrix Annex as well as a removable Autobot Matrix of Leadership! window box packaging.