MR X Resident Evil Figure Series 2 Palisades

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Biological weapon designate T-OO, also known as Mr. X., is the first of several biological weapons unleashed in Raccoon City to pursue and destroy any enemies of the Umbrella corporation's work there. Delivered via helicopter, Mr. X is programmed to seek his target relentlessly until termination is recorded. Like the genetically similar "Nemesis" weapon, subject is capable of regenerating upon being damaged and will not be deterred by any obstacle until its' mission is complete. If mortal damage is suffered, Mr. X has been genetically programmed with the ability to mutate into an even stronger version of the Tyrant-class weapon. Mr. X is as deadly as it is unstoppable. Under no circumstances should this creature be approached or provoked! Special Attacks Mutational regeneration Articulation Ball Jointed Head, Ball Jointed Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Waist, T-Crotch, Knees, Ankles. Total of 16 points!