Marvel Legends 6 Inch Action Figure Series 6 - Punisher Movie With Comic

Marvel,6 Inch Scale,Series 6,Marvel Legends,Toybiz

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Scale: 6 Inch
Format: Action Figures
Packaging: Clamshell
Manufacturer: Toy Biz

Once he was an ex-Marine just trying to start a new life with his loving family. But when his wife and children were murdered by the mob, Frank Castle dedicated his life to ending theirs! Now the one-man-army known as the Punisher has declared war on the guilty� and he won't stop until they're all dead! What was once just a monthly marvel comic book, The Punisher has gone hollywood with it's own motion movie picture which can now be found on DVD, numerous guest starring roles in Spiderman cartoon / anime, and even fought head to head against Wolverine from the X-Men.

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