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Spawn Action Figures Series 21: Alternate Realities

Series 21 is the first to be composed entirely of Spawn figures. The 7th appearance of Spawn is the boxed set in the series. Spawn is seated on a throne in a Hamlet-like fashion contemplating a skull. The series also reintroduces Alien from Series 6 and She-Spawn from Series 4. Three new Spawn characterizations are also introduced including Pirate Spawn, Raven Spawn and Wings of Redemption Spawn. It is a very nice collection of figures that you must add to your collection.

SPAWN WINGS OF REDEMPTION Alternate Realities Series 21 McFarlane Figure
Price in CAD: $111.95

SPAWN on THRONE Alternate Realities Spawn VII DELUXE BOX Figure Edition Series 21 (Sub-Standard Packaging)
Price in CAD: $149.95

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